PhenoCam 1-day and 3-day Summary File Format

An example 1-day summary file is shown below (for display purposes I've broken the lines with a '\' character). The format of the 3-day file is identical and only the aggregation period changes.

# 1-day summary product time series for coweeta
# Site: coweeta
# Veg Type: DB
# ROI ID Number: 0001
# Lat: 35.05959
# Lon: -83.42798
# Elev: 680
# UTC Offset: -5
# Image Count Threshold: 1
# Aggregation Period: 1
# Solar Elevation Min: 10.0
# Time of Day Min: 00:00:00
# Time of Day Max: 23:59:59
# ROI Brightness Min: 100
# ROI Brightness Max: 665
# Creation Date: 2017-02-20
# Creation Time: 09:59:45
# Update Date: 2017-06-15
# Update Time: 05:19:17

Comment lines at the beginning of the file are preceeded with '# ' and include some basic site metadata along with creation and update dates and times. The number of comment lines and the metadata may change as we get more experience using these file. Dates for which there are no images (or none passing the selection criteria have empty fields as show in the second data line above. When a particular value cannot be calculated it is given a "no data" value of -9999. The last two fields are currently set to this "no data" value as we work on our algorithms for filling these flags.

The columns in the file are described below:

The current default selection criteria is to exclude only image images with a solar zenith angle of less than 10 degrees (above horizon). The summary files are produced from the "all-image" files or ROI Timeseries so implementing your own selection criteria using the fields in that file should be straight forward.