PhenoCam ROI Image Statistics File Format

An example ROI statistics file is below (for display purposes the lines have been broken with a '\' character):

# ROI statistics for coweeta
# Site: coweeta
# Veg Type: DB
# ROI ID Number: 0001
# Lat: 35.05959
# Lon: -83.42798
# Elev: 680
# UTC Offset: -5
# Resize Flag: False
# Version: 1
# Creation Date: 2016-03-29
# Creation Time: 14:41:08
# Update Date: 2017-06-15
# Update Time: 04:19:53

Comments lines at the beginning of the file are preceeded with '# ' and include some basic site metadata along with creation and update dates and times.  (The long lines have been broken up here with a '\' character for display only.)


The columns in the file are described below:

  • date: local date for image
  • local_std_time: local standard time
  • doy: day of year
  • filename: filename
  • solar_elev: solar elevation angle
  • exposure: exposure - currently not filled in
  • mask_index: index into mask list
  • gcc: gcc value for the ROI for this image (as defined above)
  • r_mean: mean red digital number (DN) over the ROI
  • r_std: standard deviation of red DN over ROI
  • r_5_qtl,r_10_qtl,r_25_qtl,r_50_qtl,r_75_qtl,r_90_qtl,r_95_qtl: the 5,10,...,90,95 quantile values of the red DN values over the ROI
  • g_mean,g_std,g_5_qtl,g_10_qtl,g_25_qtl,g_50_qtl,g_75_qtl,g_90_qtl,g_95_qtl: same as above for green DN's
  • b_mean,b_std,b_5_qtl,b_10_qtl,b_25_qtl,b_50_qtl,b_75_qtl,b_90_qtl,b_95_qtl: same as above for blue DN's
  • r_g_correl: correlation coefficient between red and green pixels within ROI
  • g_b_correl: correlation coefficient between green and blue pixels within ROI
  • b_r_correl: correlation coefficient between blue and red pixels within ROI

This file corresponds to data_record_3. The standard products are produced using python scripting language. A notebook showing the extraction of these values for a single image/mask pair is shown in an iPython notebook here.