The PhenoCam Network is a cooperative continental-scale phenological observatory that uses imagery from networked digital cameras to track vegetation phenology in a diverse range of ecosystems across North America and around the World. PhenoCam was established in 2008 and currently includes of over 500 sites. The image archive includes over 30 million pictures. Imagery and data are made publicly available in near-real time through this web page.

Data from PhenoCam can be used for phenological model validation and development, evaluation of satellite remote sensing data products, benchmarking earth system models, and studies of climate change impacts on terrestrial ecosystems.

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Latest PhenoCam Data Release

PhenoCam Dataset v2.0: Vegetation Phenology from Digital Camera Imagery, 2000-2018

PhenoCam Dataset v2.0: Digital Camera Imagery from the PhenoCam Network, 2000-2018